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Why to choose under floor heating

  • This system is more economical, compared with conventional heating by radiators and stoves: you will reduce the expenditure for heating up to 30%.
  • The way of heating is much more natural, the temperature distribution is even and assures better thermal comfort.
  • You may achieve personal thermal comfort for each room.
  • No more radiators and heaters on the walls, all heating devices
    are invisible for the inhabitants.
    You save place and have more options for placing the furniture and for indoor design.
  • Your home becomes safer place for the children: no more risks of injuries
    as the heating elements are under the floor.
  • The need of additional humidification (which is needed always when using air-conditioning devices) is smaller compared to traditional convective systems.
  • Recent studies show that the circulation of air-born pollutions is less,
    which is beneficial for children and adults suffering from asthma.