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Drain cleaning

Got a clogged-up or slow running drain?  You’re not alone. Each year, more than one-in-five Americans find themselves with a blocked-up toilet, sink or tub. And each year, many of these same people try to solve these problems themselves. You can try using a plunger, but more often than not, that just makes the problem worse. You can try one of those store-bought chemical products to dissolve the blockage, but they can damage pipes, fixtures, clothing and skin.
Corona Plumbing and Heating Construction Co’s quality, reliability and commitment service excellence. And no other drain cleaning company has assembled a team of drain cleaning professionals as qualified and experienced as those you’ll find at New York. No other drain cleaning company offers its customers as much flexibility and convenience in scheduling their drain cleaning service as Horizon does. Corona Plumbing and Heating Construction Co are committed to providing our drain cleaning customers with 100% satisfaction.